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 Front Side Of TruVue Tennis Backboard WinSock Tennis Stroke Traning Aid

 ProTrainer Tennis Innovations - Our innovative one of a kind tennis training aids  provide fast results and  exciting fun to improve your game faster so you can enjoy playing to your best abilities and help to make you a stronger and more confident player both physically and mentally. 

These new and unique training aids are perfect for kids and beginners learning the game to make practice more fun and rewarding and for players of all levels to improve their game.

The TruVue Backboard With Adjustable Loft  The patent pending dimensional view of an opposing tennis court gives you the perception that you are hitting your shots into a real court. Practice at your pace. Hard or soft, it never fails to return your shots. You can practice hitting your shots in the lines every time.

Our backboards also offer features like mobility so you can roll them to different locations or roll it up to the net on a court so you can practice from one base line into our TruVue Backboard with its dimensional view and adjustable loft from 0 - 30 degrees to return shots with varying lofts.

The Completely Hittable - PT WinSock - Endorsed by Oscar Wegner      Patent pending completely hittable slide on weighted stroke training aid that slides easily on and off of your racquet and adds controllable weight and resistance to your racquet while you train or practice. "It helps deliver a powerful and reliable swing movement and dramatically improve swing speed and swing mechanics". Says - The Daily Racquet-

Return Of Serve   Practice the return of serve with the WinSock to develop quicker response and power to get the return back with authority.

After a quick warm-up with the WinSock, your arm feels looser and you feel an instant difference in your reflexes, racquet acceleration, power and control. Oscar says you "Groove your strokes in a most natural way and actually learn from your racquet".

Works Great For Light Or Heavier Racquets The WinSock trains and strengthens your muscles naturally by enhancing your feel and control of the racquet making you ultra aware of the positioning of your racquet, wrist position and grip at all times so you feel and control your strokes while getting feedback that helps you learn from your strokes.

 A Versatile Learning Tool To Help Re-enforce And Reward Good Practice  At your command you can use it as a pre swing aid to form muscle memory for proper grip, wrist cock and follow through while you loosen up your swing before a match, or you can have more fun actually doing the sport and hit the ball because the WinSock is completely hittable. Helps in forming good grips, correct wrist position and stroke paths because you control the weight through the stroke path building strength and muscle memory.

Since you can hit the ball with the WinSock installed you use your normal strokes and technique to practice tracking, take-away and hitting through the sweet spot all the way to the finish with just a little extra  weight  that you control to help  naturally strengthen and train the tennis muscles.

As you strengthen your muscles you can naturally create more topspin, more powerful ground strokes and extra Snap on your serves for more aces, quicker reflexes to get that return back and forced errors boosting your overall confidence. Use as directed in instructions.                                         



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