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Legendary coach and teacher known as "The Father of Modern Tennis"

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"Groove your strokes in a most natural way and learn from your racquet"

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The Completely Hittable Weighted Tennis Training Aid


Strengthen And Train Your Tennis Muscles The quickest way to better tennis is faster racquet speed. Whether you play a light racquet or a heavier racquet, the 8 ounce WinSock will improve your strength and control.  More tennis players are enjoying the benefits of training with a weighted stroke training aid the same way weighted golf clubs are used by amateur and professional golfers. Tennis and golf have some of the same swing components (stance, take away, stroke path and follow through). The hittable component is why the weighted golf club has become so useful and why the PT WinSock is perfect for tennis stroke training.

Pistol Pete Sampras reflected in his autobiography on his training with Robert Lansdorp "Some of the things we did were very basic. Robert would open his racket cover--back then, it was just a soft, zippered vinyl case that covered the racket head down to the throat--put his keys inside of it, and close it back up on the head of the racket. (Robert had about forty keys, so his key ring was heavy as an anvil.) Then I would practice the forehand stroke with the weighted racket. For a little kid, that was tough, but it taught me to drive through the ball.

Until now, players have not been able to maximize the results of this type of training for tennis because most weighted stroke training aids for tennis racquets  are designed to attach to the racquet strings, making the racquet head heavy and eliminating the ability to hit the ball while  the device is attached. Tennis strength training that's fun because you get to do the sport while using it, not just shadow swing ... Strengthening your muscles helps to prevent injuries.

  Return Of Serve   Practice the return of serve with the WinSock to develop quicker response and power to get the return back with authority.

Train With PT WinSock And Get Powerful Results For You Entire Game

Warm-up playing some mini tennis with a partner, drop and hit the ball off the bounce from the service area (21-25 feet from the net) or use a backboard  using your forehand and backhand strokes mixing in some volleys around the net. Using the WinSock while playing mini tennis is a very effective technique to develop and sharpen your skills for match play.

Power And Topspin Training For Modern Tennis Made Easy And Fun  Hit  quick, short range reps, keying on correct technique and mechanics; CONTROLLING the weight and not swinging out of control. Start off with short sessions to get used to the training weight as you would with any strength training.  Easy strokes will build strength naturally without overworking the muscles and joints. Be sure to use correct wrist cock or angle while hitting up and across the ball in a windshield wiper motion to create topspin on the ball focusing on bringing the ball down in the court.. This technique will strengthen your wrist and forearm muscles with the correct muscle memory for a better grip, more power, control and topspin when you need it. Increases your strength for racquet acceleration and makes you feel like you're hitting topspin downhill from anywhere on the court...

 After a few minutes using this technique from this distance you can move back toward the baseline if you want to hit some harder ground strokes then remove the WinSock and finish by hitting some strokes without it to feel the Power and Vicious Topspin.
It's True That "When You Master Topspin, You Can Maximize Your Power"
Power You Can Feel - Fast
As you strengthen the tennis muscles you naturally improve Racquet acceleration for Killer Topspin, reflexes and control,  wrist strength for more powerful, penetrating ground strokes and extra power and snap on your serve, muscle memory for forming good grips, naturally grooving your own stroke path, and more overall confidence.  Extra power and killer topspin for hitting big winning ground strokes with more confidence... The WinSock helps you maximize your topspin and power for the modern tennis stroke used by all the best players in the world...
 Use with your non-dominant hand for more power and control when using the 2H backhand.

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